Debunked: Myths about the Bible

Contradiction Myths:

#1 Is God good to all, or just a few?  Great to point that out.  God is good to all, no matter the judgement because your judgment is according to your works.  For example, if God sentences you to eternal suffering, God has still been good to you because he has given you a chance to live and receive forgiveness, and also you have rightly earned your judgement.  Remember how teachers always said that they don’t give students “F’s,” but the student actually earns it?  God does no evil, all his works are justified.  Some people die young, and we don’t know why, but we who have faith trust God’s judgment.  Maybe God is sparing them from a life of sin later on?  Or maybe something else/worse?  God is good to all those who are faithful to him and do that which is according to His will.

#2 is God a “God of war” or a God of peace?  If you read the whole book and don’t just cherry pick quotes all day, most of these “contradictions” would be explained.  Both of these have been said in the Bible.  God can be a “man” of war, but he is the God of peace.  These have many meanings.  God is always at war with evil, and God’s people are always at war with evil as well.  God defends those who are faithful to him, even if it means war, but God brings about his war-time bidding through men.  God himself does not kill, but rather those who are killed have brought it upon themselves by coming against Him and His people.  Not just killing of the flesh by death, but killing of the soul by eternal damnation!

#3 Who is the father of Joseph (Jesus’ step-father)?  Jacob.  It says it right in the Bible.  Not Jacob the son of Isaac, but Jacob the descendant of Jacob (son of Isaac).  The lineage is there.  The reason why this question is further questioned is because it says in Matthew later on that Joseph is the son of Heli (Eli) through Mary (Jesus’ mother).  So really Joseph is the son-in-law of Heli.  Luke used the genealogy through Mary’s side coming from David, and Matthew shows the genealogy through Josephs side from David.

#4 Who was at the empty Tomb?  Several people.  Each time the story is told it just includes the names of more people or less people but they were all there, they just were not mentioned because it gave the same story through different focal points.  Easily debunked.

#5 Did beast or man come first?  This one is annoying.  This refers to Genesis 1 where it says that beast was created, then man, then God created Adam then God brought the animals to Adam for him to name.  The second mentioning of the animals being brought up from the dust is just reiterating that the animals were also made up of the composition of the earth, not that they were created in that particular moment.

The list goes on forever, but they are all easily debunked.  You bring them to me one at a time and I will debunk every one with reasoning and proof.  I am just trying to keep these articles short so that the readers do not get bored.  So bring to me the alleged “contradictions” one at a time and they will be answered in detail.

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Is Religion made to Control?

Many people today are in denial and believe that religion was just a ploy to control people back in the day.  This thought has absolutely no ground or truth behind it whatsoever and those who say something like this are truly absent of any knowledge contained in the Holy Bible.

Let me begin by debunking that the Bible can not be summarized by saying “oh, it just basically tells people to do good things and be a good person.”  In actuality, this is far from the truth.  In the Bible it actually says, “But we are all like a dirty thing, and all our righteous acts are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our short-comings, like the wind, have taken us away Isa 64:6).”

So how can you make your acts of kindness clean?  Only by admitting that the kindness that exists in your heart does not come from you, but comes from Him who is good, God.  You must give all the glory, honor, and praise to God for all good things that are done through you.  How counter productive it would be to make a book designed for controlling the people through fear of being punished for bad deeds if that same book says that your good deeds are just as worthless?  This book exists to glorify God and point you toward salvation!  This book does not care if you are a good person or a nice neighbor.  This book only cares to show you that you truly must live for God and His glory, proclaim the truth, and do good for the glory of God, not yourself.

The Bible also says in Matthew 6, that your good deeds do not need the recognition of other men, but only of God.  Those who receive praise from others for their good deeds, have their reward. However, those who refuse to take that praise, and do their good deeds in secret will be rewarded by God openly.  So do take notice that this book does not indoctrinate one to simply do good deeds for good deeds alone will not grant you entry into the Kingdom of God.  You must be born again (or born of the spirit) according to Jesus in John 3:3, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

These facts alone stand solid to prove that the Bible is here not for us to be good people, but for us to be people of God.  God doesn’t care how good we are if we aren’t doing it for His glory!  The Bible is here for our benefit and God’s benefit, not the world’s.  God will handle the world himself, but we must conquer our sinful habits with the power of the Holy Spirit of God through Jesus the Christ who was given for our sins and transgressions against not men, but God!

Something many people should take into account is that just about every top leader and celebrity is involved in worshiping Satan.  Why would so many high-profile people worship Satan unless they knew that God existed and they seek to put to rest the fulfillment of the prophecies?  They fear the end of days, they fear the days of Judgement because they know what their rewards are, and their rewards shall be according to their works (works of evil) as stated in 2 Corinthians 11:12-15, “But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we.  For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”  This passage explains that even the devil himself can pose as a servant of God’s (like Muslims, most Catholics, and all Godless men who claim to be “good” people).

Those who do the will of evil, don’t always know and do not do so intentionally.  Catholics for example believe very strongly that they are doing the will of God.  If they paid attention to what God wants us to do according to His Word, the Bible, then they would know that Gods will is for us to be born again and gather the harvest for God, that is to say, bring the truth to those around us so that they may receive God’s grace and salvation as well!

I hope that this stands as a solid piece of evidence that the Bible is not here for the benefit of the world, but your benefit and the benefit of God.  God will put an end to this world, so he cares not that you are a good person helping others for your own glory.  That is not what it is about.  Pray for others, and pray for your salvation.  If you need more information, please try to contact me.  Thank you.

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Truth about Islam using its own Resources

Truth about Islam using its own Resources

• General Qur’an (Q)
• Sahih al-Bukhari (S)
• Sahih Muslim (M)
• Ibn Sa’d (I)
• At-Tabari (AT)
• Sunan Ibn Majah (SM)
• Sunan Abu Dawud (D)
• Ibn Kathir (K)
• Abu Darda (A)
• Al-Hasan (H)
• Tafsir Jalalayn (T)
• Ahmad (AM)
• References (r1) means reference 1. References are quotes from literature and are displayed at the end of this article.


Muslims don’t believe they are like everyone else. They believe non-Muslims are the worst of creatures and Muslims the best.
Q3:110 & Q98:6 & Q8:55 & Q5:57-60 & Q2:65 & Q7:166 & S 9.50

Eve created from Adam (which is correct).

Q4:1 & Q7:189 & S 3331/

Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus) does not sit at the right hand of God.
Q3:55 & Q4:158 & S 3430/

Not attending Mosque is punishable by death.
S 657/

Not tolerant of other religion
Q9:29 & Q9:123 & Q48:29 & M 33 & Q5:51 & M 4366/

Later teachings abrogate earlier teachings.
Q2:106 & Q16:101/

Fight all those who do not believe in Allah. Force Jews and Christians to follow Muslim ways with violence.

72 Virgins not raisins when dying as a martyr
Q44:51-54 & Q52:20 & Q55:54-56 & Q55:70-74 & Q56:22-24 & Q56:35-38 & Q78:31-34/

Non Muslims are of lesser value
D 45257/

Murdering and Martyring are commanded. Muhammad wants to be continuously martyred.
S 2797/

Murder non Muslim military that invades Muslim land.

Fahtwas are not meaningless. Fahtwas contain commands of Muhammad and Allah.

Pretend to befriend non-Muslims only if you are outnumbered and are against the threat of persecution. Lie about being a Muslim in order to deceive non-Muslims and become their friend in order to kill them in the name of Allah (Bible states that the devil will come as your friend and betray you).
Q3:28 & K r1 & A r1 & Hr1 & Q16:106/2Cor 11:14/

Men and women do not have equal rights and responsibilities.
Q4:3 & Q4:24 & Q4:34 & S 5825/


Yeshua of Nazareth said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one doth come unto the Father, if not through me (John 14:6);”

The Bible also says “and no wonder — for even the Devil can transform himself into a messenger of light; no great thing, then, if also his servants seem to transform themselves into servants of righteousness — whose end shall be according to their works (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).” This applies heavily to Muslims for they believe that they are serving our God, the one and only true and righteous God, yet they teach others to do things that God forbids and deems unrighteous. Muslims then call those acts good and worship Muhammad who was a thief, a liar, a murderer and a child molester, and it says so right in the Qur’an. What kind of holy man does those things? Jesus was peace, the way, the truth, and the life.

Mohammed proclaimed that if you don’t stand on the foundation of the Torah and the Gospel that you stand on nothing (ironic, right?).

All Muslims shall definitely enter hell with no guarantee of ever coming out

Those who obscure God’s message will be cursed.

God commanded in the Bible to spread its truth to every creature
Isaiah 6:9, 58:1 & Mark 16:15/

Qur’an states that the Torah contains Gods commands

Yeshua of Nazareth has been given clear scriptures.

The law of those whom were sent before Mohammed (Moses, Jesus, etc.) shall not find altering to the Bibles laws.
Q17:77 & Q33:62 & Q6:34 & Q35:24 & 44/

Qur’an CAN be altered!

Muslims and Christians agree that Muhammad was the descendant of Ishmael, Abraham’s illegitimate son with a slave woman. The Bible says in Genesis that God will make Ishmael a great nation/ and Ishmael shall be a wild donkey of a man who is against everyone and everyone is to be against him.
Genesis 16:11-12/ Genesis 17:20


Contradiction: 1,000 years to Allah is as 1 day to makind vs. 50,000 years, respectively.

Contradiction: Allah took 6 days vs. also 8 days to create the Earth.
6 Days – Q7:45 & Q10:3 & Q11:7/Q25:59
8 Days – Q41:9-12/

Contradiction of age of heaven and earth. Earth is first and heaven is first
Earth first- Q2:29/
Heaven first- Q79:27-30/

Contradiction of creation of man being made of a blood clot (Yusuf Ali, Muhsin Khan)/water/burned clay/dust/nothing/earth/or a drop of thick fluid respectively.
Q96:1-2/Q21:30/Q15:26/Q3:59/Q19:67/Q11:61/Q16:4 & Q75:37/

Contradiction of Idolatry being forgiven vs. not forgiven respectively
Q4:48 & 116/Q4:153 & Q25:68-71/

Contradiction for punishments of adultery
Q24:2 & Q4:15/

Contradiction of Noah’s family survived but later son said to have drowned.

Contradiction Pharaoh survived chasing Moses vs. Drowned respectively.
Q10:92/Q28:40 & Q17:103 & Q43:55/

Contradiction Christians go to paradise vs. hell respectively.
Q2:62 & Q5:69/Q5:72 & Q3:85/

Allah cancelled Muhammad’s satanic verses commanding worship of 3 idols.

Quran claims Moses’ mother was Jesus’ grandmother
Q3:35-36 & Q6:12

Quran claims Jesus’ mother was Aaron’s sister.

Claims disciples of Jesus were Muslim. According to the writings of the disciples themselves, they were indeed Jewish/Christian
Muhammad could not spread Islam without using force and fear (God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Tim 1:7)
S 4.260 & Q9:5 & Q9:29 & Q8:12/

Muhammad encouraged lies (which are darkness, which is of Satan).
S 4.267-4.269/

False witness is permitted to victimize women in court.
S 9:86:98 & S 9:86:100 & S 9:86:101/

Lies can be used to settle disputes.
AM 6.459.H/

It’s a small thing to break your oath

Muslims burned Qur’ans.
S 6.510/

Sin is righteousness in the Qur’an. It teaches Murder (Q9:5/Q9:29/Q8:12/ etc…), Rape of women and children (Q4:34/S 3.432/S 3.718/S 5.459/S 7.137/S 8.600/S 9.506/), Robbery (Q4:94/Q8:1/Q8:40/), Deceit (S 2:52:267-269/S 9:86:98/ S 9:86:100/ S 9:86:101/), Insult and Hate (Q9:29/ etc..), Torture (Q8:12), Terrorism (Q9:5), Wife-Beating (Q4:34), and Whorehouse Paradise (Q78:31/Q37:40-48/Q52:17-20/Q55:56-58/Q55:70-77/Q56:7-40/S 4.476/…etc), Muhammad liked little boys (Q52:24/), Has sex with dead bodies, a symbol of death or Satan for God is a God of the living [Mark 12:27] (Hadith 34424 Kanz Al Umal)


Muhammad said Allah would kill him if he made false prophesy by severing his life artery (aorta).
Q69:44-46 & T r1/

Muhammad poisoned by a Jewish woman.
S 2617 & M 5430/

Why did the Jewess poison Muhammad?
I p.252/

Muhammad describes the pain from the poison feeling like his aorta is being cut.
S 4428 & D 4498 & D 4449 & AT p.124 & SM 1622/

Bishr died of the poison but knew it was poisoned before Muhammad knew. Bishr just continued to eat anyway because Bishr wrongly had faith in Muhammad. He died from his faith in Muhammad. Proof that Muhammad made false revelations, because why would Muhammad need a revelation for that which was obviously detectable in the taste of the food, and why did he get the revelation too late to that which he died?
I p.252-253/

After being poisoned, Muhammad couldn’t walk, he had to be dragged.
S 2588/

Allah saves Jesus from death, but not Muhammad. God will give nobody the victory over Jesus but leaves Muhammad to suffer for his crimes.

Muhammad’s greatest wish was to die as a martyr, but God did not allow it to be so.
S 2797/

K r1 “In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship outwardly but never inwardly.”

A r1 “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

H r1 “Taqiyya is allowed until the day of resurrection.”

T r1 “And had he, namely the Prophet, fabricated any lies against Us, by communicating from Us that which We have not said, We would have assuredly seized him, We would have exacted vengeance [against him], as punishment, by the Right Hand, by [Our] strength and power; then We would have assuredly severed his life-artery, the aorta of the heart, a vein that connects with it, and which if severed results in that person’s death.”



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Pakistan: Who’re the Terrorists Here?

Amnesty’s recent report has shown that at least 29 non-combatant civilians have been killed since 2012 in a country that we have no international right (or domestic for that matter) to be in.  We have not declared a war, but President B. Hussein Obama did publicly announce the drone programs going on just before they began.

So why do the big, bad “Terrorists” hate us?  Is it because we are free, or are they just ordinary people outraged at the level of crime being committed?  Could you imagine being a hard-working average person posing no threat to the world around you and suddenly you or your family become victims of a drone strike or ANY military strike for that matter?  These people have eyes in the sky watching over their shoulders 24/7 except those eyes are armed with tomahawk missiles that could be launched at the press of a simple button by someone countries away.


Propaganda pointing at terrorists hating us for our freedoms is just that;  Propaganda.  When will the people over here wake up and finally see why the rest of the world hates us?  Well, here’s something interesting: people are ALREADY beginning to wake up!  There are plenty of people here in the U.S. that hate the government for their nosiness and prying eyes.  So the real question is: when will the rest of the country wake up?  The answer is likely to be, “very soon.”  This is because all the war crimes that our country is committing, are coming closer and closer to home every single day.

Obama has drone programs that are starting right here in the United States.  Yes, they say that the drones will be unarmed, but really who is to stop them?  Do you have a mound of dirt in your backyard?  If so, you’d best get rid of it before the drones spot it because in many townships it is illegal.  Are you in the process of building your own shed in your backyard?  Well, you’ll get nabbed for that too, because that is an offense as well. People don’t realize how many violations and crimes they commit. The average law abiding citizens breaks quite a large number of crimes and local violations every day without even realizing it. Once the eyes go up in the sky, they are going to nab every person that runs a stop sign, because they’ll need all that extra fine money to pay for the drone programs.  These programs will also be run by local police departments in addition to the federal government.

It seems as though killing people in other countries is not enough for them. They have to expand their murder business into their own home. How do you feel about those people prepping for civil war, now?

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Deadline: Yesterday

A soundtrack for reading this Message:

Attention United States of America,

Here it is folks, the puppets fall all around you, attached to their strings which are commanded by the puppet masters. Those you thought you could trust are no longer to be trusted. Anybody associated with the current federal government is a part of a staged act to fool you into thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to the established government.

You can also no longer trust the news, whether online or on television. Why do I proclaim all of this noise? Simple: ask yourself this: why would the worlds most powerful and influential government with both a virtually unlimited money flow and a seemingly infinite intelligence gathering capacity not invest a moment of its time or money into researching how to fix the economy when the answer is so simple, so old, and so obvious. The answer was the U.S. constitution this whole time.

The reason why your precious government has not invested any effort into finding the cure to this economic cancer is because we are being led that way on purpose like cattle to the slaughterhouse. Avoid the herders and their dogs, do not let them corner us with no way out. We must act before it’s too late.  Get in touch with your local politicians and other officials to try a desperate attempt at a peaceful resolution because we all know the more unfortunate, alternative route.

It’s not about race, it’s not about gender, it’s about control over you, your children and the world.  Literally everything you see or hear in any form of news is nothing more than a distraction.  Do not let them succeed!  Keep your mind clear and question everything from now on.  Always assume that anything you hear is a lie unless proven beyond a reasonable doubt that what is said is the truth.  Research everything.

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People vs. George Zimmerman

There is a LOT of stupidity being spread about this whole issue.  Not only do people not know the real situation or story of the event, but they blow-up their ignorant and completely false opinions in order to start a race war over something with no factual basis.

White people are not murdering black people at any regular rate; it’s very irregular.  Yet, despite the fact that about 95% of ALL BLACK MURDER VICTIMS ARE MURDERED BY OTHER BLACKS, the minority population still lashes out against whites.

Every time a race makes a claim against another race, they are further dividing races against each other and peace will never be found.  We must look at every person as just that, a person.  Not white, not black, not hispanic, etc.  One of the biggest reasons races are so divided, is the Equal Opportunity Employment program.  This program puts EMPHASIS on forcing races to fight among each other.

Anyway, if you want more FACTUAL information about the Zimmerman-Martin clusterfuck, then fight away your A.D.D. for a few minutes and while paying full attention, watch this video:

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A quote from Unknown-

Don’t despise the ones that give you trouble, but despise the factory that mass produces those people – the standardized education system.

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