People vs. George Zimmerman

There is a LOT of stupidity being spread about this whole issue.  Not only do people not know the real situation or story of the event, but they blow-up their ignorant and completely false opinions in order to start a race war over something with no factual basis.

White people are not murdering black people at any regular rate; it’s very irregular.  Yet, despite the fact that about 95% of ALL BLACK MURDER VICTIMS ARE MURDERED BY OTHER BLACKS, the minority population still lashes out against whites.

Every time a race makes a claim against another race, they are further dividing races against each other and peace will never be found.  We must look at every person as just that, a person.  Not white, not black, not hispanic, etc.  One of the biggest reasons races are so divided, is the Equal Opportunity Employment program.  This program puts EMPHASIS on forcing races to fight among each other.

Anyway, if you want more FACTUAL information about the Zimmerman-Martin clusterfuck, then fight away your A.D.D. for a few minutes and while paying full attention, watch this video:


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Knowledge is power! It is also the key to changing the world. What you know could help you save the entire world from tyranny and evil. Love all, hate none, and continue your quest for global peace, sovereignty and freedom!
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