Deadline: Yesterday

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Attention United States of America,

Here it is folks, the puppets fall all around you, attached to their strings which are commanded by the puppet masters. Those you thought you could trust are no longer to be trusted. Anybody associated with the current federal government is a part of a staged act to fool you into thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to the established government.

You can also no longer trust the news, whether online or on television. Why do I proclaim all of this noise? Simple: ask yourself this: why would the worlds most powerful and influential government with both a virtually unlimited money flow and a seemingly infinite intelligence gathering capacity not invest a moment of its time or money into researching how to fix the economy when the answer is so simple, so old, and so obvious. The answer was the U.S. constitution this whole time.

The reason why your precious government has not invested any effort into finding the cure to this economic cancer is because we are being led that way on purpose like cattle to the slaughterhouse. Avoid the herders and their dogs, do not let them corner us with no way out. We must act before it’s too late.  Get in touch with your local politicians and other officials to try a desperate attempt at a peaceful resolution because we all know the more unfortunate, alternative route.

It’s not about race, it’s not about gender, it’s about control over you, your children and the world.  Literally everything you see or hear in any form of news is nothing more than a distraction.  Do not let them succeed!  Keep your mind clear and question everything from now on.  Always assume that anything you hear is a lie unless proven beyond a reasonable doubt that what is said is the truth.  Research everything.


About youcanfreetheworld

Knowledge is power! It is also the key to changing the world. What you know could help you save the entire world from tyranny and evil. Love all, hate none, and continue your quest for global peace, sovereignty and freedom!
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