Debunked: Myths about the Bible

Contradiction Myths:

#1 Is God good to all, or just a few?  Great to point that out.  God is good to all, no matter the judgement because your judgment is according to your works.  For example, if God sentences you to eternal suffering, God has still been good to you because he has given you a chance to live and receive forgiveness, and also you have rightly earned your judgement.  Remember how teachers always said that they don’t give students “F’s,” but the student actually earns it?  God does no evil, all his works are justified.  Some people die young, and we don’t know why, but we who have faith trust God’s judgment.  Maybe God is sparing them from a life of sin later on?  Or maybe something else/worse?  God is good to all those who are faithful to him and do that which is according to His will.

#2 is God a “God of war” or a God of peace?  If you read the whole book and don’t just cherry pick quotes all day, most of these “contradictions” would be explained.  Both of these have been said in the Bible.  God can be a “man” of war, but he is the God of peace.  These have many meanings.  God is always at war with evil, and God’s people are always at war with evil as well.  God defends those who are faithful to him, even if it means war, but God brings about his war-time bidding through men.  God himself does not kill, but rather those who are killed have brought it upon themselves by coming against Him and His people.  Not just killing of the flesh by death, but killing of the soul by eternal damnation!

#3 Who is the father of Joseph (Jesus’ step-father)?  Jacob.  It says it right in the Bible.  Not Jacob the son of Isaac, but Jacob the descendant of Jacob (son of Isaac).  The lineage is there.  The reason why this question is further questioned is because it says in Matthew later on that Joseph is the son of Heli (Eli) through Mary (Jesus’ mother).  So really Joseph is the son-in-law of Heli.  Luke used the genealogy through Mary’s side coming from David, and Matthew shows the genealogy through Josephs side from David.

#4 Who was at the empty Tomb?  Several people.  Each time the story is told it just includes the names of more people or less people but they were all there, they just were not mentioned because it gave the same story through different focal points.  Easily debunked.

#5 Did beast or man come first?  This one is annoying.  This refers to Genesis 1 where it says that beast was created, then man, then God created Adam then God brought the animals to Adam for him to name.  The second mentioning of the animals being brought up from the dust is just reiterating that the animals were also made up of the composition of the earth, not that they were created in that particular moment.

The list goes on forever, but they are all easily debunked.  You bring them to me one at a time and I will debunk every one with reasoning and proof.  I am just trying to keep these articles short so that the readers do not get bored.  So bring to me the alleged “contradictions” one at a time and they will be answered in detail.


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